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Thursday, November 24, 2005


A nasty virus is on the loose. I got sick mid-week last week but have since recovered. Unfortunately, I’ve passed on the virus to some people around me, 8-(.

I didn’t realize how bad I was until I actually passed out for a while, long enough for me to take fall. I only realized that I had “blacked out” when SL and kids came dashing for me. Felt really bruised on my forehead, knee, and lips but it could have been worse.

For some reason, my past 2 worship leadings have been plagued by unforeseen distractions, especially since I’ve resolved to take worship leading preparations seriously.

Su-Ann has been coming to our place for the past 1 month as part of our new arrangements with Ling2. She was not happy with the previous nanny, that led to her proposition for SL to “baby-sit” Su-Ann.

NN2 is growing up well. Indeed, it is easy to tell she is total different from her elder sis. She is really smiley. Smiles almost at an instant when you talk to her. Very playful as well. Her 5th month is fast approaching. Wow!

God has been gracious to us in many ways. What I’ve learned through these few months is “obey first, question later”.


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